The hammer is laser engraved. They are NOT vinyl decals or stickers that will chip off, peel off, and fade (even the best vinyl will chip and fade over time). With our hammers, your text is permanently engraved into the wood.

We do our own engraving, so any message can be put on them, making them perfect for ANY occasion, and giving us the ability to rush most orders as needed. If you are unsure of how many lines your custom text will need, please feel free to send me a message before ordering. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us.

The fonts are labeled as "Font 1-3" in the pictures. If you're unsure which to choose, Font 1 is the most popular choice.

The hammerheads are powder coated black, and the tops are sealed so that no wood is visible at the top of the hammerhead. The handles are a light color wood, which provides excellent contrast for the engraving.

Please be sure to leave your custom text in the Personalization box, and if you select to have both sides engraved, please note what text you would like on each side. The front would be facing the person using the hammer if they are right-handed, back would be facing away.

Due to variations in wood grain, your hammer may look slightly different than the images. We also ensure that the size of the font is adjusted appropriately based on the text you want to be engraved. Your single-line text will not typically be as large as the Font 2 image unless specifically requested.