37"x52" - small size for a chair or kids blanket.
60"x50" - most popular size, great for throwing on a couch.
80"x60" - fit a few people, or use as a bedspread. Approximately the size of a queen-size bed (just the top, not hanging down the sides).

100% cotton and machine washable (wash in cold, tumble dry on low). Color is a natural unbleached cotton (off-white/cream), with black writing, and red + blue lines. The reverse side is blue/green.

Important Notes:
✦ Handwritten letters MUST BE WRITTEN ON THE TEMPLATE provided. We cannot currently work with letters, not on the template, but have received many requests for this, so it may be available in the future.
✦ Your letter may be written in any language!
✦ The text you submit must be your original writing, or you must have authorization from the original writer. WE CANNOT ACCEPT COPYRIGHTED WORK such as poems or music lyrics.
✦ Once the order has started production, we cannot cancel or change it. Please check your order before submitting it, including the shipping address.