Personalize Your Wallet

We will put text of any length under your responsibility. But remember - the longer the text, the smaller the font and poor readability. The following is just our recommendation.


usually front engrave initials/monogram. Initials are composed of two or three letters of the same size. Monogram consists of three letters, the middle letter of which more than extreme letters. If you want the text in front, then write me a message.


secret message can be placed inside on place 1 (max 60 characters), place 2 (max 60 characters), place 3 (max 60 characters), place 4 (max 40 characters), place 5 (max 80 characters). Look at the photos.


place 6 available space for your text (max 100 characters). See all photos. When counting characters spaces and punctuation marks count too! Your personalization write a note to the order. If you do not want your text was in quotation marks, do not write them, please. The engraving on the leather always turns out differently and the color is impossible to predict. Since leather is a natural material, and the color of the engraving depends on the ph composition of the leather. It happens darker, it happens lighter. The quality is always good, the engraving will never be erased, but over time, the color may also change: it may become darker or lighter. Please note that for better visibility of the engraving, do not look at a right angle at the wallet. You need to hold the wallet in your hands at an angle to the light source, as in all my photos, then the engraving is perfectly visible.