Spaces are limited, so please keep the text for each line to a minimum (20 characters max per line, 2 lines per side, including spaces).

There's very little flexibility in the characters per line without making the text uncomfortably small, but it can be done if absolutely necessary. Up to 4 sides can be engraved. We also offer a "No engraving" option so that you can personalize it yourself.

These screwdrivers are proudly made and engraved in the USA!

Suggested message:
"If dad can't fix it...we're screwed!"
"My dad can fix anything"
"Don't touch my tools...or my daughter!"

Please put exactly what you would like engraved in the personalization box. If you don't tell us exactly what you want, we have no way of knowing what you intended to have engraved. Please make sure you have all spelling, capitalization, and punctuation the way you want it to appear.

The only available screwdrivers are:
  • #2 Phillips head
  • 3/16 slotted flat head