One-of-a-kind personalized sound wave art.

Add a unique playback barcode to the block that allows anyone
with a smartphone to scan and play the soundwave by simply open the smartphone camera, point to the barcode and enjoy.

We will match the barcode color to the color of the soundwave .
(Open picture #4, point your smartphone camera to the barcode)

Capture your favorite song or send us any recording or video and we will turn it into a work of art! Choose from our available colors and make your soundwave block truly yours.

This unique personalized song soundwave printed on our exclusive acrylic block is a personal gift for your friends, family and everyone you like to surprise with outstanding gift!

Soundwave is a conversion of a sound into an artwork and it is one of the hottest trends in today’s home decor!

We will print your favorite song’s soundwave or any personal recording, on our acrylic glass block which create a mesmerizing piece you could not take your eyes off, with our advanced printing technique we give your soundwave a 3D look!

No limitation on length of the song or personal recording.

Block dimensions: 2.5 inches tall x 8 inches long x 1.25 inches

Made in CT, USA


1. Please choose your color from the available 17 preset colors (see photos)
2. Add the details in the Personalization box needed for the order:
 - Artist & title
Voice clips or video - link description
3. Email us at for any concerns.

The song you will like to transform and if you want to change the message under the wave. (The default message if nothing was required will be the name of the Artist followed the name of the song copied directly from official YouTube video)


We will print to the block a playback barcode that is encoded and linked to your unique song or personal recording that you sent us. This will allow you or anyone to scan it with almost smartphone camera and it will start playing your song or personal recording. Simply open your smartphone camera, point to barcode until a pop up window will open, click it and enjoy!

Please advise us if this is your favorite song or a personal voice recording or video.

A) Sound wave song - Type the song name and artist in the Personalization box or send us a detailed message.

B) Personal voice clip or video -  Paste the link of the song or video you'd like to use. Please include your order reference code.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a message and we will respond immediately!